How to identify non-dairy creamer products?

At present, most milk tea on the market is made up of fat powder, tea water and sugar. However, many tea lovers are worried that excessive intake of trans fatty acids in milk tea will have adverse effects on health. Therefore, how to distinguish the end products of vegetable fat becomes very important.

How to identify fat end products?
1. Look at the sign. If there are words such as “vegetable fat powder, hydrogenated vegetable oil” in the product packaging ingredient list, it is recommended to purchase carefully and control the daily intake according to the ingredient list;
2. Look at the color. Animal butter products are generally milky white, slightly yellowing, and the final product of vegetable fat is white;
3. Smell it. Animal cream smells delicate, while vegetable cream is more fragrant and stronger than vegetable fat powder;
4. Taste it. Animal cream has a low melting point, melts in the mouth, and has the smell of animal smell and fishy smell. Because of the trans fatty acids, the end product of vegetable fat tastes more fragrant and tastes stronger, and it is not easy to melt in the mouth.

Of course, in fact, the production technology of vegetable fat powder in the market has been improved, and the content of trans fatty acid in corresponding products has been greatly reduced, even reaching the standard of zero trans fatty acid. Therefore, when purchasing the corresponding products and milk tea drinks, we should control the corresponding intake and eat a healthy diet, which will not cause health problems and do not need to worry too much!