How to make milk tea with vegetable fat powder

Milk tea, as the name implies, is a mixture of milk and tea, which is usually made of milk and black tea. It has strong milk fragrance and fresh tea fragrance. Of course, you don’t have to make milk tea with milk. The milk tea made with vegetable fat powder has a more rich and mellow flavor. How to make milk tea with vegetable fat powder? Let’s make a cup of rich milk tea with Xiaobian and enjoy the leisure time.
How to make milk tea with vegetable fat powder
Method / step
1. First prepare a Sherk cup and a 5g measuring spoon.
2. Fill 3 flat spoons of fat powder (15g in total) with 5g measuring spoon, and pour it into a Sherk cup.
3. Pour 150ml black tea water into the Sherk cup.
4. Add a small amount of ice and fructose, the sweetness can be adjusted according to personal preference.
5. Cover the Sherk cup and shake well.
6. Pour the shaken milk tea from the Sherk cup into the cup
7. Put in a few pieces of ice, the taste is better. Plug in the straw and enjoy the rich milk tea.
Note: Although the milk tea made of vegetable fat powder is good to drink, don’t be greedy.