How to make delicious non-dairy coffee?

How to make delicious non-dairy coffee? There are many factors that affect the taste of coffee, and the brewing method and the added coffee partner have a certain effect on the taste. Among them, there are many ways to brew coffee, and everyone chooses the appropriate brewing method according to different types. At present, there are many types of coffee with non-dairy creamer on the market, and they are also very popular. The corresponding brewing method is worth learning.

For example, instant coffee is brewed with 80-90°C water. The most suitable temperature is 84°C. Boiling water will easily destroy the sugar in the three-in-one coffee. The taste is not good. Warm water cannot force out the aroma. Therefore, instant coffee, especially the three-in-one coffee in instant coffee, needs to pay attention to the following details.

Precautions for brewing instant coffee

1. Be sure to brew coffee with water that has just been boiled, and pure water is better.

2. Use a spoon to put the non-dairy creamer (the coffee mate) into the coffee, and let the non-dairy creamer melt in the coffee as evenly as possible.

3. The amount of non-dairy creamer is controlled at 1.5 to 2 times the amount of coffee.

The three-in-one coffee in instant coffee, as long as it is brewed in the above manner, will emit a pure coffee aroma, with a balanced taste, not too bitter, not too sour, or astringent, just right. If the three-in-one coffee contains a large amount of non-dairy creamer, it will present a smooth taste, sweet and delicious, just like milk tea with coffee, and it will be easier to accept.

All in all, how to make delicious non-dairy creamer coffee? Choose the right water temperature, the right ingredient ratio, and brew coffee slowly and evenly, you can have a good coffee experience. Instant coffee can be added with special coffee creamer. Three-in-one coffee requires patient brewing. In addition to the selection of other types of coffee creamer, you can ask professionals for advice. Boduo International has a wide range of non-dairy creamers, welcome to leave a message!