How to store ingredients in milk tea shops?

Now the summer is coming, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Milk tea, a popular drink, is more popular among people. Many people choose this kind of cold milk tea as a necessary product to relieve the summer heat. The reason is that the milk tea bought in the milk tea shop is so delicious and delicious that it is irresistible.

The reason why milk tea can be so delicious is that the raw materials of milk tea are well preserved, but there are also exceptions. Some milk tea shops make milk tea that is not so delicious, which leads to business not going. Have you ever thought about the milk tea raw materials you have kept in your own milk tea shop for decades?

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How to store the boiled tea?
What needs to be refrigerated?
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There are three general storage methods
Room temperature storage: no need to put freezer, away from high temperature, avoid light, moisture-proof;
Cold storage: put in the freezer, the temperature is above 0 ℃;
Cryopreservation: put in freezer, the temperature is below 0 ℃.
Storage requirements for different types of raw materials are different

Powder raw materials: vegetable powder, fruit powder, pudding powder, etc
Storage requirements: store at room temperature, put the powder into the fresh-keeping bag, and then put it into the sealed tank. Because powder raw materials are easy to be affected by moisture.

Liquid raw materials: juice, jam, jam, etc
Storage requirements: room temperature storage, sealing must be sealed, moisture-proof, the environment must be clean, otherwise mold will grow in minutes. Some sauces also need to be refrigerated. Please read the manual.

All kinds of preparation materials: Honey beans, coconut, baked Xiancao, jelly, pudding, milk bubble, milk cover, etc
Storage conditions: refrigerated storage. The shelf life of prepared materials is generally 1-3 days. Pay attention to environmental hygiene and bacteria prevention, and prevent the cross smell between various prepared materials. The boiled pearls should be kept at room temperature and should be used up in half a day.

The storage method of each raw material is different, which should be classified according to the storage method on the package. As a shop owner must regularly check the service life on the package to avoid using expired raw materials.

Note: keep the storage environment dry and cool as far as possible, at the same time, reduce the time of contact with the air as far as possible. The boiled pearls should be stored at room temperature, and the storage period should be half a day to 10 hours. It is not allowed to refrigerate or freeze. The shelf life of cooked ingredients is generally 1-3 days, and attention should be paid to the sanitation of the environment and the prevention of bacteria, as well as the problem of cross smell between various prepared materials.