How to tell if the milk in milk tea is non-dairy creamer or milk?

As we all know, many healthy milk teas in the current milk tea market are warmly welcomed by tea lovers. As a new generation of consumers, they have further understanding and requirements for food health. Therefore, many consumers begin to pay attention to the health of drinks. Among them, how to distinguish whether milk in milk tea is vegetable powder or milk? It has also become a more concerned food safety issue.

In order to distinguish the two, it is necessary to understand the two. As a kind of milk that has been accepted by the general public, we have a good understanding of its nature and efficacy.

Milk, one of the oldest natural drinks, is known as white blood. Milk is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Milk protein contains essential amino acids for the human body; milk fat is mostly short chain and medium chain fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the human body; the proportion of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals is reasonable, which is easy for the human body to absorb.

Milk contains more complete nutrients, high nutritional value and easy to digest and absorb. It is most suitable for patients, children and the elderly. Fresh milk is milky white or yellowish homogeneous colloidal fluid, without precipitation, clot, impurity, viscosity and odor.
Fresh milk contains sugars and volatile fatty acids, so it has a slightly sweet and pure milk flavor. Put the milk into the glass and shake, the milk is easy to hang on the wall. Drop a drop of milk on the glass, the milk drop is round, not easy to flow. There is no condensation and floccule when boiling.

At the same time, some people have the problem of lactose intolerance. If they have abdominal distension and diarrhea after drinking milk tea, it indicates that milk may be added. On the contrary, it is possible to drink milk tea containing vegetable fat powder. Of course, compared with milk, the nutritional value of vegetable fat powder is not as good as that of milk, but it is easy to dissolve, cheap and smooth, which is the heart of many milk tea operators. Everyone has different opinions on how to choose!