How to use good fat powder?

How to use good fat powder? As the best-selling modern food in milk tea raw materials, good vegetable fat powder can not only be used as milk tea, but also widely used in other industries according to different composition proportion. It is the main commodity in the hands of many milk tea raw material wholesalers. Therefore, it can be applied to other fields according to the specific differences of the performance characteristics of vegetable fat powder.

Performance characteristics of vegetable fat powder

1. The fat content can be adjusted at will, ranging from 5% to 82%, and the oil varieties can also be selected according to the needs.

2. The functional properties (water solubility, emulsification, foaming) are excellent, which can meet the processing needs of different food fields.

3. The flavor is diverse, and the product can be flavored, toned, seasoned or fortified with vitamin microelements.

4. Microencapsulated products are easier to store, not easy to oxidize, good stability, and not easy to lose flavor.

5. It can replace expensive milk fat, cocoa fat or part of milk protein.

Application fields of vegetable fat powder

1. [food industry]: used for dairy food, meat food, baked food, flour food, all kinds of drinks, candy, seasoning food, etc.

2. [pharmaceutical manufacturing]: health food, base materials, fillers, biological drugs, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

3. [industrial products]: petroleum industry, manufacturing industry, agricultural products, scientific research and development, battery, precision casting, etc.

4. [other industries]: it can be used as flavoring, antifreeze and moisturizing agent for cut tobacco instead of glycerin.

5, [daily chemicals]: facial cleanser, beauty cream, make-up water, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, mask, etc.

6. [feed and veterinary medicine]: pet can, animal feed, nutritional feed, genetically modified feed research and development, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary drug products, etc.

7. [experimental reagent]: it can be used in all kinds of experimental research and development.

How to use good fat powder? In view of the above situation, good vegetable fat powder raw materials are naturally popular. Different kinds of fat powder can be used in different fields. Boduo international, as a strong producer of fat powder raw materials, welcomes the majority of fat powder raw material wholesalers to consult and cooperate. Boduo international also provides other raw materials of milk tea, the price is favorable, welcome to purchase in large quantities!