How to use vegetable fat powder?

How to use vegetable fat powder? Vegetable fat powder is a new product with refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as main raw materials. The process of making fat tail contains mixing, emulsification, spray drying and other links. Its structure is similar to that of milk powder, so it is also called milk cream. It is a high-grade raw material widely used in food industry. It has a special role in food production and processing, but also a modern food.

Plant fat is a kind of food raw material, which is emulsified by oil, sugar, protein and water, and spray dried into powder. It is an additive, but not a nutritional agent. Objectively speaking, if the nutritional value of the plant fat powder is not high, people think that the fat plant powder is not healthy.

Milk essence is added to coffee, tea and other beverages, to make it a light color chylous, smoother, thicker things, it can be milk, can be non milk, can be divided into animal and plant. Creamer is also known as fat powder, but not all creamers are vegetable fat powder. Some creamers containing milk do not belong to vegetable fat powder. They have rich nutritional value and are often made into baby milk powder and other products.

Some milk creamers without milk are not natural agricultural products, but artificial products. This is what we know as vegetable fat powder. In general, the formula of vegetable fat powder from different manufacturers is similar but different, and the actual use is also slightly different.

For example, Boduo International’s plant fat powder is packaged in pure white bags, which can be used when mixing milk tea and coffee. The prepared drinks are smooth, fragrant and very popular.

Boduo international has a wide range of plant fat powder products, and the effects of milk tea and coffee are also different. How to use vegetable fat powder? If you want to make a delicious milk tea drink with plant fat powder, you can try more. Boduo brand will bring you a very good surprise experience, so that you can get full harvest!