Why are trans fatty acids used in large quantities?

In short, “spend less, earn more.”. Vegetable oil also has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. It is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and it is not resistant to high temperature. However, as long as simple hydrogenation is carried out, it is not easy to oxidize, not easy to deteriorate, and also resistant to high temperature. Mass production and long-term storage are also OK. The cost is going down. This is just one of them: less flowers.

Since hydrogenation is so good, we should simply complete hydrogenation. Why not? It depends on the results after hydrogenation. After complete hydrogenation, the oil will become hard and cannot be used. Therefore, we will not do this kind of thankless thing. However, incomplete hydrogenation is totally different. It completely retains the advantages we want. In addition, we are more satisfied with the fragrance of incomplete hydrogenated vegetable oil! Fragrant! Fragrant! Please say it three times when it is important!

In cooking, these oils will produce a strong flavor, let everyone salivate, frying process will also make the food more crisp. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder that everyone is reluctant to part with their love. Businesses will make a lot of money by choosing this kind of oil.

Generally speaking, businesses don’t want to use trans fatty acids in large quantities. They just need partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, but incomplete hydrogenated fatty acids will dehydrogenate themselves, and then trans fatty acids will appear without paying attention. In fact, it is not correct to say that “the large-scale use of trans fatty acids” should be “the large-scale use of hydrogenated vegetable oil has resulted in a large number of trans fatty acids in food”.