Can you add milk cap to baoba milk tea in Lujiao lane

With the continuous development of the tea industry, a variety of milk tea is very rich, among which lujiaoxiang is a tea brand that the majority of consumers like very much. With the continuous development, this tea brand has become the main choice target of many consumers on the street, among which Boba milk tea can be said to be the treasure of its stores. Can you add milk cap to lujiaoxiang Boba milk tea? As for this requirement, if you put forward it to the store of this tea brand when you buy it, then the staff will certainly satisfy you, and you can add milk cap. But from the point of view of personal taste, I think that other milk tea with milk cover will be better to drink. Here’s a simple understanding.

Can you add milk cap to baoba milk tea in Lujiao lane?

Through the above brief introduction, we also have a basic understanding. In domestic stores, the order rate of this Boba milk tea is basically high no matter where it is. Many consumers like the fragrant milk tea with big soft pearls, but some people want to add a milk cap, which says it can be added.

But in terms of personal taste recommendation, this is not very recommended. Why? The original taste of Boba milk tea is mainly sweet, and the amount of milk is really higher than the amount of tea. This kind of match is just right. But after adding a thick layer of cheese milk cover, the salty and fragrant taste is rich, and the sweet milk tea is very greasy for many people. So this is also the reason why Xiaobian is not very recommended, but there are several other milk cap will be very good to drink, the following for you to share.

Frozen top oolong tea:

Lujiaoxiang is a kind of tea with a high order rate. The thick milk cover on the top and the fresh oolong tea on the bottom will effectively neutralize the greasy milk cap and leave a very fragrant taste. Therefore, the combination of the two is sweet and refreshing, which is very good.

Cheese cream green:

In tea, green tea’s ability to relieve heat and grease and scrape oil is very strong. Milk green is milk tea made from green tea. The overall taste will be more delicate, and there will be mixed milk fragrance, which is mainly to cover up the strong bitterness of green tea. The milk green with milk cover will be more dense in taste and more fragrant in taste, but because of the fragrance of green tea Can be very effective in neutralizing the greasy, make this milk tea more sweet. It’s also a great drink with a milk cap

Can you add milk cap to baoba milk tea in Lujiao lane? I believe you have a clear understanding of this issue after reading the above-mentioned content of Xiaobian. If you only have requirements for employees, you can add milk cap. However, through the above analysis, we are also very clear that milk tea + milk cap may be more sweet and greasy in taste, resulting in counterproductive effect. So Xiaobian recommends several other models for you. If you haven’t tried it, go to the offline store to experience it.