Industry barriers of non-dairy creamer (1)

1. Brand and customer resource barriers

The food and beverage industry has extremely high requirements for food safety, nutrition and taste. Non-dairy creamer is one of the important ingredients of modern beverages and foods. Whether it is industrial production customers or catering chain customers such as milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc., they are more cautious when choosing suppliers and need to consider the production of non-dairy creamer. Factors such as the company’s product development capabilities, quality control capabilities, fast service capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, etc., give priority to high-quality suppliers and their products with good market reputation and reliable quality.

At the same time, downstream customers have a certain degree of stickiness to non-dairy creamer manufacturers. Once a certain planting creamer product is selected, they generally do not change suppliers frequently during the beverage or sales process. This is because the non-dairy creamers of different manufacturers The taste and quality of the products are different, and the replacement of non-dairy creamer suppliers needs to redevelop or promote the beverage products.

Therefore, new entrants to the industry are often unable to form a close customer base in the short term, it is difficult to quickly establish a brand and open the market, and there are certain barriers to industry entry.

2. Marketing channels and operational barriers

The construction of marketing channels plays a vital role in the sustainable development of non-dairy creamer manufacturing enterprises, and the development, construction and maintenance of marketing networks is a relatively long-term process.

It is generally difficult for new entrants in the industry to establish a complete marketing channel and build an experienced sales team in a short time. Therefore, marketing channels constitute a certain barrier to new entrants in the industry.