The difference between hanging ear coffee and instant coffee

For most office workers, coffee is an indispensable tool. But how many people know the difference between instant coffee and hanging ear coffee?

Mid Autumn Festival and national day, the eight day holiday is coming.

The busy work before the festival is really a headache.

Overtime is basically unavoidable.

As a sharp tool for working overtime, coffee is a favorite of office workers.

So, as the two giants in the coffee industry, what is the difference between instant coffee and hanging ear coffee?

We know that most people drink instant coffee. On the one hand, it benefits from the promotion of major brands, on the other hand, it is convenient, cheap and good taste. For the rising star coffee, instant coffee can be said to take the lead.

The production process of instant coffee is as follows:

Pretreatment → roasting → grinding → extraction → concentration → drying.

It extracts the active ingredients of coffee under certain temperature and pressure. Yes, it only needs the effective ingredients of coffee, as long as it can be extracted, whether it is round beans, lentils, soybeans, beans, are good beans. Therefore, the coffee of robusta is the choice of instant coffee, and its origin is mostly in Vietnam, Hainan, Yunnan and some countries in Africa. Moreover, the broken beans, bad beans and underdeveloped beans are usually baked and ground directly without screening.

In order to further reduce the cost, some businesses even add coffee bean substitutes (corn, wheat, etc.) in the ratio of 9:1 or 8:2, and then bake them. After deep baking to coking and carbonization, as long as the proportion is appropriate, ordinary people can’t distinguish them.

And hanging ear coffee can be said to be a simple version of freshly ground coffee. In order to facilitate everyone and avoid baking, grinding, filter paper and other steps. Therefore, the quality of coffee depends largely on the quality of coffee beans. The so-called “one cent for goods”, the raw materials of hanging ear coffee are higher than that of instant coffee.

According to the investigation, although the instant coffee has frozen drying technology, the spray drying method is basically used because of the cost relationship, and the drying temperature is very high. The aromatic substances in coffee are very heat sensitive, and they evaporate at such a high temperature. While the coffee with ears is packaged and sold immediately after grinding. Although its flavor is not comparable to that of freshly ground coffee, it still has a strong fragrance.

To compensate for the aroma of instant coffee, merchants add flavors to the process of extraction, concentration or drying. At the same time, in order to make instant coffee taste better, businesses will add various additives, such as syrup, milk fat, vegetable fat powder, etc., none of which is beneficial to human health. For women who love beauty, drinking too much is easy to gain weight.

Moreover, after investigation, it is found that although there is no trans fatty acid in the additives of some large businesses, many businesses still add additives containing trans fatty acids to instant coffee. According to research, excessive intake of trans fatty acids can increase blood cholesterol, induce vascular sclerosis, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

On the contrary, without a lot of strange additives, it is very healthy and has many benefits. Not only can eliminate fatigue, supplement nutrition, after a cup of coffee can also promote metabolism, help digestion, fat loss and weight loss.

When it comes to taste, instant coffee is quite sweet and smooth, and it doesn’t have the flavor that coffee should have. If you don’t add anything else, you can taste the unique flavor of all kinds of coffee. The sweet and bitter taste of Manning and the fresh flower fragrance of yegacheffer are all the enjoyment that instant coffee can’t give.