Is coffee creamer unhealthy?

Caffeic acids are not considered to be healthy. Trans fatty acids are not essential nutrients and are thought to cause coronary heart disease. It should be noted that hydrogenated vegetable oil is not equal to trans fatty acid.

However, some vegetable oils are not completely hydrogenated in the hydrogenation process, which is called partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which belongs to trans fatty acid and is the main hazard in vegetable fat powder. However, in addition to the fat powder, the coffee partner also has milk ball as an alternative. The price is a little more expensive, and it has the taste of milk fat. You can try it.

The so-called “three in one” is the addition of sucrose and plant fat powder. Sucrose, needless to say, white sugar, after taking it, will cause high blood glucose fluctuations. In the plant fat powder, the main glucose syrup, hydrogenated oil (trans fatty acid) emulsifier and so on, which are bad for the body’s two main ingredients: glucose syrup, hydrogenated oil, and sucrose. Taking it for a long time will cause blood sugar roller coaster, and then lead to Insulin resistance, then obesity, then triple high, then chronic disease, then severe disease, it’s all possible.

Of course, the above are the reasons why consumers eat too much fat powder products, which will have a certain impact on their health. Therefore, choosing appropriate products and controlling the corresponding intake will not have a great impact on the health of consumers. As long as we have reasonable control, there will be no big problems.