Is condensed milk powder vegetable fat powder?

Condensed milk is a common food in our daily life, and its market popularity is very high. Many people like to use condensed milk to flavor breakfast. Vegetable fat powder is also a common food raw material, generally added in milk tea coffee. For ordinary people, the two are very similar. So, is condensed milk powder vegetable fat powder? This requires a corresponding comparison.

Is condensed milk powder vegetable fat powder? In fact, because of the small amount of trans fatty acids in vegetable fat powder, excessive consumption will cause corresponding harm, because consumers will pay attention to the two and distinguish them in the actual use process.

Vegetable fat powder is a kind of plant milk products, taste more fragrant than pure milk, as the name suggests, extracted from plants. The price of Powdered vegetable fat is cheaper than condensed milk made from milk. It is often used as an ingredient in coffee and tea. For example, in most coffee partners, the main ingredient is plant fat powder. There are also many milk tea shop’s milk fragrance also comes from him.

Different from vegetable fat powder, condensed milk is a beverage made from fresh milk or goat milk after disinfection and concentration. Its characteristic is that it can be stored for a long time. Although the nutritional value of condensed milk is lower than that of milk powder, such as protein, fat, minerals, vitamin A, etc., it is less than that of milk powder. However, condensed milk has more carbohydrate and anti blood acid (vitamin C) than milk powder, and its nutritional value is higher than that of fat powder.

In the process of eating, condensed milk is easy to deteriorate and infect bacteria if it is not preserved properly after the iron cap is removed. However, vegetable fat powder has no such defect. It is also easy to distinguish on the package. Condensed milk is usually packed in tin cans, while vegetable fat powder is packed in plastic bags or tin cans. The shape is not the same, condensed milk is liquid, the fat powder is solid small particles.

Is condensed milk powder vegetable fat powder? Through the above information, we can understand the difference between the vegetable fat powder and condensed milk, and distinguish them. Whether we are in order to control the intake of trans fatty acids in the vegetable fat powder, or to find suitable condensed milk products, as long as we check the product composition table, we can distinguish the vegetable fat powder and condensed milk products, and achieve the effect of healthy diet!