Is it non-dairy creamer or trans fatty acid that is harmful to human body in instant coffee?

Many people who like to drink instant coffee must be very curious: is the fat powder in instant coffee harmful to human body? Is the fat powder or trans fatty acid harmful to human body in instant coffee? For example, the ingredients list of Nestle collection series white coffee contains plant fat powder, but the trans fatty acid is 0 (less than a certain content can be marked as 0, which does not mean there is no trans fatty acid).

Many consumers who have been exposed to instant coffee have said that drinking instant coffee for a long time is harmful to their health. However, some people say that it is because of vegetable fat powder, while others say it is because of trans fatty acid. Which one is harmful? If trans fatty acids are harmful, the current production process can ensure that the content of trans fatty acids can be controlled at a lower level under the premise of adding vegetable fat powder. Does this mean that the harm of drinking instant is exaggerated?

First of all, trans fatty acids can not be decomposed by the human body, especially for children and the elderly. Secondly, instant coffee is only a kind of processing technology, which is not the same category as fine coffee and Italian coffee. But I think the harm is exaggerated. In fact, under normal drinking conditions, instant coffee will not cause any harm to human body!

In fact, after the process improvement, most of hydrogenated vegetable oil in vegetable fat powder has been hydrogenated completely to become saturated fat, and there is only a small amount of trans fat. As long as the corresponding intake is controlled and the balanced diet is balanced, there will be no negative impact on people’s health, so there is no need to worry about it.