Is milk tea too greasy in summer? The problem is at the end of the fat plant!

The key to the taste of milk tea is tea base. Black tea is the base of milk tea in winter. The full fermented black tea and milk have mellow taste and rich aroma, which is very suitable for the cold winter. In summer, we want to drink a refreshing milk tea, so we can choose jasmine and sijichun to improve the freshness and cleanliness of the products. When the tea base changes, the milk part should also be changed.

If the fat powder is too mellow, it will suppress the tea flavor and tea feeling. Therefore, in order to find a vegetable fat powder which can match with jasmine green tea and four seasons spring tea, a lot of outstanding tea flavor vegetable powder on the market were compared. Tips: to judge whether a vegetable fat powder is refreshing and versatile, jasmine green tea is enough for milk tea! Jasmine green tea is the touchstone of all vegetable fat powder.

The higher the protein content in the vegetable fat powder, the better the smoothness and the heavier the milk taste; the higher the fat content, the higher the fullness of the drink. After continuous testing, we found this Zhenxuan vegetable fat powder. The protein and fat content reached a balance, meeting the balance of smoothness, plumpness and milk fragrance. When it was mixed with jasmine green tea, it would not cover up the jasmine fragrance, and the tail was clean.

According to the proportion of different ingredients, the refreshing feeling of milk tea increases in turn. This Zhenxuan Zhizhi powder is very suitable for summer, fresh enough; it is zero trans fatty acid; it must highlight the tea feeling! Perhaps someone may ask, compared with the previous, this one is more refreshing, more prominent tea fragrance.

This kind of vegetable fat powder is hydrogenated from palm kernel oil, and the whole protein has rich milk flavor, which is suitable for making mellow milk tea; milk tea companion is hydrogenated from coconut oil, with 0 trans fatty acid, which makes milk taste pure, fresh and full; this Zhenxuan vegetable fat powder is hydrogenated from palm kernel oil, which does not suppress tea fragrance and tea feeling, and is not easy to produce greasy feeling at the end Trans fatty acids. It can be mixed with any tea base, without taking away the aroma and tea feeling of tea, and the taste is smooth. It can also be used with jam and fresh fruit to make fruit flavor milk tea.