Is non-dairy creamer a trans fatty acid? What are the hazards?

As a kind of hydrogenated vegetable oil, plant fat powder, commonly known as milk essence, can improve the taste of coffee, so it is also called coffee partner. However, the harm of vegetable fat powder can not be ignored. It has trans fatty acid, which is harmful to human body. It is often used to replace dairy products. After adding, it can make coffee taste more fragrant.

It can not only increase the flavor of coffee, but also make coffee baking Food, cream cake, ice cream, peanut butter, milk tea, egg tarts and other foods add rich flavor. It is precisely because of the seasoning effect of vegetable fat powder that people all over the world like this coffee companion. Moreover, the production cost of vegetable fat powder is very low, which is welcomed by some coffee manufacturers.

What are the hazards of vegetable fat powder?
1. The main harm of vegetable fat powder is trans fatty acid. As a kind of hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable fat powder contains a certain amount of trans fatty acid. After people eat this kind of trans fatty acid, it is difficult to metabolize and decompose in human body, which is easy to cause morbid obesity. Especially, young people like to eat these food with rich flavor, and long-term eating will have an impact on physical development It is easy to cause blood vessel blockage, so middle-aged and elderly people should also eat less or not eat bread, cake, coffee, milk tea and other food containing vegetable fat powder.

2. Coffee partner’s fat powder can also cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Trans fatty acids in the fat end can reduce the high-density lipoprotein in the blood, and increase the low-density lipoprotein, which is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. Long term consumption of food containing fat powder is likely to increase the risk of vascular sclerosis and heart disease. Some countries in Europe and the United States are aware of the trans fat of the end of fat The harm of fatty acid, edible already began to this kind of food containing vegetable fat powder to carry on the ban.

3. Coffee companion vegetable fat powder actually belongs to a kind of vegetable hydrogenated oil or shortening. This hydrogenated vegetable oil actually turns the unsaturated fat of vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated state, and then trans fatty acid will be produced in this process. Although trans fatty acid can make food taste and taste better, trans fatty acid is harmful to human health Large, need to control the use.

4. Trans fatty acid is the main hazard of vegetable fat powder. According to some opinions on the Internet, it is said that fully hydrogenated vegetable fat powder does not contain trans fatty acid. At present, it is difficult to believe that, whether it is fully hydrogenated or semi hydrogenated, when you buy such products, you must pay attention to the content of food ingredients, mainly focusing on the content of trans fat How to determine whether there are trans fatty acids?

The main food ingredients list contains the words “margarine”, “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, “vegetable yellow (milk) oil”, “shortening”, “vegetable shortening”, “refined shortening”, “cocoa butter”, “refined vegetable oil”, “edible vegetable oil”, “vegetable refined oil” and “refined palm oil”, all of which may contain trans fatty acids.

The harm of vegetable fat powder has been introduced above, but it is said on the Internet that the total hydrogenation of vegetable fat powder will not produce trans fatty acid. The fully hydrogenated vegetable oil is saturated fat. The main components of vegetable fat powder are hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifier, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, etc. The most important raw material is hydrogenated vegetable oil. The content of trans fatty acid is not only related to hydrogenation technology, but also related to hydrogenation technology The raw material itself is directly related.

Soybean oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil are commonly used in vegetable oil products. It is mainly composed of whey, whey and fat, which are rich in whey, fat and fat It brings fullness; milk powder ingredients provide milk fragrance similar to milk. Therefore, for those who are hard to give up the fat powder, we only need to control the intake, and there will be no worries.