Is non-dairy creamer (Nescafe Coffee Mate) a vegetable cream?

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product mainly made of hydrogenated vegetable oil (a kind of product with great harm to human body) and casein. The product plays a special role in food production and processing, and is also a kind of modern food.

Vegetable cream is a kind of trans fatty acid. In fact, it’s OK to drink it occasionally, but the trans fatty acid can’t be discharged from the body until it stays in the human body for 51 days. In addition, regular consumption of foods containing trans fatty acids increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the future. Like milk tea, biscuits, egg yolk pie, some cakes contain trans fatty acids, but the names are different. For example, margarine, margarine, shortening, hydrogenated vegetable oil, Tsinghua palm oil, vegetable fat powder, cocoa butter substitute, etc.

Vegetable fat powder is a kind of product extracted from plant fat with high technology. It will make people fat easily after eating, and it is easy to fat waist. Vegetable fat powder has good water solubility, multi milk and multi dispersion, forming uniform milk liquid in water. Vegetable fat powder can improve the internal organization of food, increase aroma and fat. It is a fine taste and thick lubrication. It is also a good companion of coffee products. It can be used in instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc. to make the cake delicate and elastic. Biscuits can improve the crispness, not easy to oil.

It has good instant solubility, flavors and flavors are similar to “milk”, and can replace milk powder or reduce milk consumption in food processing, so that the production cost can be reduced on the premise of keeping the product quality stable.

Although the coffee companion is vegetable cream, there is no clear indication that it can not be used. Only by controlling the daily intake, can we ensure a healthy body condition.