Is non-dairy cream a creamer?

Fat powder, also known as powdered oil, creamer and fat powder, is made from refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and a variety of food excipients as raw materials by mixing, emulsifying, disinfecting and spray drying.

The product has good dispersibility, water solubility and stability. It can be used in various foods to improve the nutritional value and calorific value, improve the instant solubility and mixing property, improve the taste, and make the product more delicious.

Creamer is usually white, liquid or powdery. Liquid milk essence is usually packaged in small plastic containers. The main components of milk essence are hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn syrup, casein, spices, edible pigment, etc. casein is a kind of milk protein product produced from milk processing.

Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate is also found in the composition of creamer. The use of hydrogenated vegetable oil in milk essence contains many trans fatty acids, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis. Some manufacturers use non hydrogenated oil instead of hydrogenated oil for the sake of health, so there is no problem of trans fat content.

Professional manufacturers often worry about these problems, actively improve the corresponding production technology of vegetable fat powder, try to produce zero trans fatty acid type of vegetable fat powder products, so that consumers can experience the same quality, healthy and delicious new era of vegetable fat end products, as long as they do not exceed the corresponding fat powder intake label, there will be no corresponding negative impact on health.