Is plant fat powder vegetable fat powder?

1. Vegetable fat powder, also called milk essence, is a kind of high-tech product produced by advanced technology and equipment with high-quality vegetable oil, corn syrup, high-grade emulsifier and anti caking agent as raw materials.

2. The emulsified vegetable fat powder has good solubility, emulsifying and dispersibility, and forms a uniform milk like liquid in water, so it can be mixed with any proportion of powder and liquid; it can improve the internal organization of food, increase the aroma and fat, make the taste delicate, smooth, thick and rich in “milk flavor”, so it is also a good companion of coffee products, and can be used for instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc The cake has fine texture, keeps moist and improves elasticity.

3. Because of its good miscibility and strong “milk feeling”, vegetable fat powder can replace milk powder or reduce the amount of milk powder in some food processing, so as to reduce the cost of materials on the premise of maintaining product quality, such as in ice cream, instant milk powder, and some milk drinks.

4. Adding vegetable fat powder to many kinds of food can reduce production cost, improve product quality, improve food texture characteristics, and strengthen gluten strength and toughness.

5. Vegetable fat powder is widely used in nutritional cereal, coffee companion, bread and pastry, convenient fabric package, ice cream, milk powder, beverage, dairy cooked meat products.