Is the creamer (non-dairy creamer) in milk tea harmful to the human body?

Why are there more and more milk tea shops now? It is because milk tea is especially profitable. But why do you make money? In the final analysis, most of the milk tea shops use very low-cost materials, without any nutrients to speak of.

Milk essence is mainly made of vegetable fat powder and fat milk. In the production process, it does not add any milk. It is only mixed with water and various additives in vegetable oil. After mixing, emulsifying, sterilizing and drying, it is made into something similar to milk. After mixing, emulsifying, sterilizing and drying, it is made into something similar to milk.

The trans fatty acids contained in milk essence are not easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. The long-term accumulation in the body will promote the occurrence of obesity. Trans fatty acids also contain high calorie and cholesterol, which are harmful to human body. At the same time, it will increase the viscosity of the blood and damage the memory. If the long-term intake of trans fatty acids will increase female infertility.

Drinking more milk tea has many disadvantages to the human body. Milk tea is high in sugar, oil and calories, and has no nutritional value to speak of. It is a kind of junk food. Milk tea with milk essence, mostly made of coconut oil, drink too much easy to fat, fat easy to accumulate in the stomach, forming a wide body.

The essence and pigment of pearl milk tea are added to the national food additive standard, but drinking too much is harmful. Especially young children. Especially for children’s intellectual development and behavior health. Coconut oil contains a large number of saturated fatty acids, which will accelerate the production of cholesterol in the body. Blood fat will also rise rapidly, forming vascular sclerosis. If you drink a large amount of coconut oil for a long time, you will easily suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Milk tea is only the combination of oil and sugar, because milk essence is not milk products, milk tea has a lot of sugar, almost no calcium, and it is also very harmful to the body. Milk tea had better not to drink every day, a week at most drink a cup or two to solve a greedy can. So you can’t drink more milk tea. The authentic and high-quality pearl milk tea is generally made of fresh milk or milk powder + rock sugar or sucrose + black tea + pure water + cassava powder. But later, because of the fierce competition, individual businesses began to use their brains, from the taste, cost up and down. In fact, some pearl milk tea with perfect color and flavor is only made by blending several kinds of powder. Milk essence, plastic, mirabilite and industrial magnesium chloride have become the main raw materials of some pearl milk tea.

The black small round in pearl milk tea, they call it pearl powder round. The main material of public is cassava starch, but the pure cassava starch can’t make the Pearl full of elasticity. Now, it is more common to add wheat protein into it. Even so, some businesses also feel that the elasticity is not enough, in order to make the Pearl more “chewy”, so they add synthetic polymer materials. To put it bluntly, polymer materials are plastics, which is also the secret of the industry. Such ingredients can not be absorbed by the human body.

The milk essence in pearl milk tea contains very little milk ingredients. It can’t supplement calcium, not to mention protein, but only sugar and fat. Especially the fat content is as high as 40% – 75%. Worst of all, hydrogenated vegetable oil in milk is a trans fatty acid. Drinking too much will not only affect the health of the heart and brain, but also increase the incidence rate of breast cancer and diabetes.

Occasionally drinking a cup of pearl milk tea will not bring great harm to the body, but children under two years old should not drink pearl milk tea, and preschool children should drink less. Because the detoxification system in children is not yet mature, it is more sensitive to flavors, pigments and other food additives in milk tea. In addition, patients with diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, pregnant and lying in women are also not suitable for drinking. It is not recommended that children drink pearl milk tea. Those artificial pigments and preservatives are harmful to children, and those pearls are easy to be sucked into the trachea. The nutritional content of pearl milk tea is low. If it contains too much milk essence, sweetener and pigment, it will increase the burden of kidney after eating a lot.