Is the effect of coffee mate and sugar cube the same?

The effect of coffee partner and sugar is not the same, the following are introduced coffee partner and sugar.

Coffee companion (commonly known as “creamer”) is mainly composed of vegetable fat powder. Vegetable fat powder is the general name of vegetable fat powder. It has many kinds, different functions and wide application. Its production history can be traced back to the 1950s. Now it has been widely used in baking food ingredients, cold food ingredients, confectionery ingredients and solid beverage ingredients.

Square sugar, also known as semi cube sugar, is a kind of high-grade sugar product with refined granulated sugar as raw material. It has a long history in foreign countries. Its consumption will increase rapidly with the improvement of people’s living standards. At present, there are several small factories in China that produce refined and refined granulated sugar, but only a few sugar factories make sugar.

The characteristics of sugar are pure quality, white and lustrous, complete edges and corners of sugar block, proper firmness, not easy to break, but quick dissolution in water, clear and transparent solution. Its physical and chemical composition is basically the same as that of refined sugar, with density of 0.95-1.04 and porosity of 0.40-0.35. It is packed in moisture-proof cartons, usually 100 pieces per box, with a net weight of 500g or 454g (a pound).