Is the fat powder harmful to human body?

Many instant coffee or coffee partner ingredients have plant fat powder, do you want to know the impact on consumer health? Great harm is not to talk about, bad is certain, these things belong to trans fat. And cocoa butter, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, bread, hamburgers are high in trans fat.

Why not store owners still use it? Do they know it’s not good? Yes, but it’s cheap. It can also increase the shelf life and taste of food. Studies have shown that high trans fat diets are associated with diseases such as heart, artery disease and atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that a daily intake of 5 grams of trans fat increases the risk of heart disease by 25 percent.

At present, the new process of vegetable fat powder is labeled with 0 trans fatty acid, which is less than the trans fat of natural milk and cream. Everyone is very curious about its health. Is it really healthy? Is it really zero trans fatty acid? In fact, there is no need to doubt that there are still some zero trans fatty acids in the improved vegetable fat powder. Therefore, it is necessary to control the quantity and drink various kinds of drinks containing vegetable fat powder as appropriate.

What’s the difference between creamer and creamer? This is more common in coffee, the fat powder is generally used in coffee, milk powder and even some condiments. The food added with vegetable fat powder will be better in taste and taste, and will be more fragrant and smooth. Therefore, when eating dairy products containing plant fat powder ingredients, many people will not be used to eating dairy products without plant fat powder ingredients.

So this kind of food containing vegetable fat powder, can you eat it regularly? In fact, from a health point of view, although the addition of vegetable fat powder to food can increase flavor and taste, but eating too much is really harmful to health. Some infant milk powder also contains a lot of fat powder, which does not seem to directly kill the child, but it is not healthy to eat more.

Therefore, if parents buy milk powder for their children, if they see that the content of fat powder is large, it is better not to buy it, so as to avoid unhealthy or physical discomfort of children after eating. Know the difference between vegetable fat powder and milk powder, the same as milk powder, and understand its product characteristics. In this way, you can directly judge whether the food should be eaten or not and whether it is suitable to eat more when you see the ingredients of vegetable fat powder in the food you usually eat.