Is the non-dairy creamer in the nutritious meal harmful to the human body?

Fat powder:
Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product with hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials.
Vegetable fat powder is a kind of product extracted from plant fat with high technology. It will make people fat easily after eating, and it is easy to fat waist. Vegetable fat powder has good water solubility, multi milk and multi dispersion, and forms uniform milk liquid in water.

Recent studies have shown that hydrogenation of vegetable oil is actually the process of transforming unsaturated fatty acid of vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated state. Trans fatty acid will be produced in this process, which can increase the low-density lipoprotein in human blood, reduce the high-density lipoprotein, induce vascular sclerosis, and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident.

Recently, when revising the composition of food pyramid in the United States, it has been clearly pointed out that attention should be paid to trans fatty acids, and manufacturers are required to indicate the content of trans fatty acids in products. Therefore, oil manufacturers have also developed a new hydrogenation technology. Trans fatty acids will not be produced in the hydrogenation process, and have been used in some products to replace the original fat powder containing trans fatty acids. Suggestions and regulations have been made on the safe upper limit of daily intake (2G) and the proportion of trans fatty acids in food (1%).

Hydrogenated oil is also called “vegetable butter”, “vegetable butter” and “vegetable fat powder”. At present, it is widely used in bread, cheese, margarine, cake, biscuit and other food baking fields. As long as the daily intake of trans fat does not exceed 2G, the impact on health will not be great, as long as the corresponding control can be carried out.

Choose the right fat powder products, experience silky milk tea drinks, have a wonderful delicious life, this is the feeling of happiness! Therefore, it is not a problem to add vegetable fat powder in the nutritional meal. To ensure a healthy diet and control the intake, you can still have a good experience.