Is there a substitute for non-dairy creamer currently on the market?

In this sense, if there is no requirement for fat, it can not be added; adding milk fragrance is an auxiliary function; the main thing is to improve the taste comprehensively: fat and milk fragrance or other fragrance; the essence of vegetable fat powder is solid or powder oil, and liquid oil becomes solid.

Therefore, if you want to replace the end product of vegetable fat, as long as it meets the requirements of full mouth fragrance, good emulsification, easy brewing and no coalescence, it is OK. As a popular product that everyone is optimistic about, if the substitute of vegetable fat powder is cheap and tastes good, it will be accepted basically. However, due to the difference of ingredients, we still prefer to plant fat powder, and actively develop new products of vegetable fat powder.

At present, manufacturers mainly research and develop new products of vegetable fat powder without trans fatty acid. During the production process, the taste will be different without hydrogenated oil, but it can be improved and can be accepted by people. The more common solid production of high-end oil is olive oil, grape seed oil, camellia oil, wheat germ oil, etc.

At present, Nestle and Jiahe both have the vegetable fat powder with the content of trans fatty acid below 0.3%. It seems that many enterprises have already used it, and then they can mark that there is no trans fatty acid. Many consumers gradually agree with the end of vegetable fat products. They think that it is a very promising direction to choose new products of vegetable fat powder, which is healthy and practical, without more concerns!