Is there any instant coffee without non-dairy creamer?

Pure instant coffee does not contain vegetable fat powder, but the taste is not as smooth as that with vegetable fat powder. One way is very good, that is, pure instant coffee with a small bag of pure instant soybean milk powder, which has a good taste and nutrition. It has a silky feeling, he Geng Xiang flavor. According to personal preference number, you can add some sugar.

Of course, this type of coffee is likely to be found in the market. If you want to find a non bitter coffee without plant fat powder, you can go to buy “medium light roast” coffee and choose good beans. Generally, the coffee varieties that are quick-dissolving are those with heavy caffeine and bad taste. You can drink coffee ground by coffee beans. If it is convenient, you can also buy ear coffee.

It is misleading to translate some imported food into skimmed milk powder in Chinese label. Can see if its ingredients list has the above English words. Skim milk powder is the correct English name of skim milk powder. They are totally two concepts. In principle, if the ingredient list of instant coffee only contains skim milk powder, it does not contain vegetable fat powder.

Therefore, when buying coffee, consumers can check the ingredient list, find the coffee products without plant fat powder, experience high-quality coffee drinks, ensure their health and enjoy healthy leisure life. It is really good.