Is there any harm in creamer?

In order to reduce the cost of milk tea sold on the market (such as “pearl milk tea”), most of them are not made from fresh milk and milk powder. In fact, milk tea is blended with “milk essence” and mixed with saccharin or sweetener, pigment, fruit powder, “Pearl” (i.e. cassava powder), ice and water, and shaken evenly.

This “creamer” is the same kind of product as the coffee companion who drinks coffee. Although there is a word “milk” in creamer, it has nothing to do with milk. It is also known as vegetable fat, powdered oil and fat powder. It is made from refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and various food excipients. The main ingredients include hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrin (starch hydrolysate), sodium caseinate, cream flavor, emulsifier, anticoagulant and so on. The content of hydrogenated vegetable oil is 20-75%.

Common vegetable oil belongs to unsaturated fatty acid, which is beneficial to human body, but it is unstable and not easy to preserve. In order to facilitate preservation, the ordinary vegetable oil is added with hydrogen atom to polyunsaturated fatty acid at a certain temperature and pressure to form hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is relatively stable and can extend the shelf life. However, the hydrogenated vegetable oil obtained in this way belongs to trans fatty acids, which are similar to saturated fatty acids and have certain effects on health.

It is generally believed that the intake of trans fatty acids should not exceed 2G a day, but the amount of trans fatty acids in a cup of milk tea will generally exceed this amount. Biscuits, cakes, French fries, fried chicken and other fast food, baked food also contain trans fatty acids. Therefore, the diet of daily life should pay attention to the corresponding dietary balance and normal intake, ensure the safety and health of food, do not cause corresponding physical hazards, do not need to worry too much.