Is vegetable fat powder grease?

Is vegetable fat powder grease? I believe you have found that vegetable fat powder as a modern food, widely used in the catering market. So, in order to understand the impact of vegetable fat powder on people’s life, is it powder oil? According to the relevant questions, we conducted an in-depth investigation on the fat powder.

Powder oil is a new kind of oil product. Like ordinary oil, it can provide energy, improve the flavor and taste of food, and prevent aging. The difference is that it also solves the traditional grease storage, packaging, transportation and use of many inconvenience and easy to cause containers and processing machinery cleaning difficulties and other defects. The appearance of powdered oil provides food industry with convenient, nutritious and functional raw materials with high nutritional value.

Is vegetable fat powder grease? As food ingredients, the main uses of powdered fat include: thick soup such as chicken essence and soup powder; cold food such as ice cream powder; solid drinks such as cereal, milk tea, coconut powder, walnut powder, soybean milk powder; flavoring agent and whitening agent of coffee; milk replacer, etc. The powder oils for different uses have different fat contents. The powder oils for thick soup and ice cream powder have more than 50% oil content, while milk replacer powder contains less than 20% oil. The fat content of other products is in between.

Is vegetable fat powder grease? Vegetable oil powder is a kind of powdered oil. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is used as raw material. In the production of vegetable fat powder, the commonly used hydrogenated vegetable oils are: extremely hydrogenated coconut oil, extremely hydrogenated palm kernel oil, selective hydrogenated palm oil and selective hydrogenated soybean oil.

Among them, the first two extremely hydrogenated oils contain almost no trans fatty acids, while the latter two selective hydrogenated oils contain a certain amount of trans fatty acids, and the specific content depends on the use of the product. As one of the raw materials of milk tea, powdered oil is often referred to as vegetable fat powder products. Its oil is generally hydrogenated soybean oil. This hydrogenated soybean oil has milk flavor and taste, but the disadvantage is that it contains a certain amount of trans fatty acids.

Therefore, Boduo international saw the business opportunities and actively sought new oil varieties to replace hydrogenated soybean oil, so that it not only has the milk flavor of hydrogenated soybean oil, but also contains less trans fatty acids, thus finding a new direction of product development. People’s daily diet is also more healthy. The daily intake of trans fatty acids should be controlled within 2G as much as possible, so as not to have a negative impact on the body. The new type of vegetable fat powder products have also been welcomed and supported unprecedentedly.