Is Guming milk tea made by cream?

Nowadays, the milk tea industry is really becoming more and more popular. For female entrepreneurs, the use of materials for a brand is very important. The cost of raw materials is related to the amount of income. Is Guming milk tea made by cream? One of the milk part of the plant fat powder elements, which is often said on the market cream. It is just because of some wrong understanding that the fat powder is harmful, but it is not. The vegetable fat powder of Guming milk tea is processed by special technology, and the fat content and various nutritional elements are strictly matched.

Vegetable fat powder is made of casein, glucose syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil as the main raw materials through mixing, emulsifying and drying. The shape and milk powder are very similar, so it is called the cream. It’s not just the ancient tea milk tea, but many similar types of drinks have been added with plant fat powder, such as coffee from a nest. The preservation time of vegetable fat powder is very long, and the price is low, which is one of the reasons why the beverage industry uses this excipient. While reducing the cost of raw materials in the whole industry, all franchisees can get more profits.

Back to the topic, is the milk tea made by cream? Yes, and most of our peers do the same. What’s the advantage of that? The great advantage is that it reduces the cost of opening a store in the early stage. Take Gu Ming milk tea as an example. The total cost of store front and various special services is about 280000, including 20000-40000 raw materials. If the fat powder is replaced by pure milk, the cost of raw materials will increase geometrically, which will lead to the increase of the cost in the early stage and in the long run. This is very unfriendly for female entrepreneurs who need low investment and high income.

Therefore, in this era of cream color change, we should have a more correct understanding of this new auxiliary material of vegetable fat powder. With the development of science and technology, our cognition should be improved. Artificial meat has been recognized by many people. What’s wrong with artificial milk? This is the way that more and more tea brands have been accepted by the tea companies. Let’s ask a chain brand with low consumption and low franchise fee. Which franchisee likes it?

Of course, if you are reading this article, you can leave a message at the bottom of the article. Is Guming milk tea made by cream? It’s made of vegetable fat powder. Moreover, Guming milk tea will follow the trend of the times, maintain its own update speed, so that more franchisees and consumers get better benefits, and also hope that this brand can become more and more popular.