Main sub-industries of non-dairy creamer

Non-dairy creamer is a powdered food ingredient made of glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, and milk powder as the main raw materials through microencapsulation, spray drying and other technical processes. Because it can improve the internal structure of the food, increase the flavor and taste, and can obviously improve the body, smoothness and fullness of the food and beverage taste.

Therefore, non-dairy creamer is not only a commonly used ingredient in milk tea and coffee products, but also in snack foods such as instant oatmeal, cakes and biscuits. It has a wide range of uses in modern food production and processing.

According to the fat content, non-dairy creamer can be divided into high-fat non-dairy creamer, medium-fat non-dairy creamer and low-fat non-dairy creamer, which are suitable for different purposes. Generally, 20%-50% fat content is commonly used when making beverages. Fat.

In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formulas and production processes, functional non-dairy creamers such as cold-melt and acid-resistant types are gradually introduced. New types of raw materials such as medium-carbon chain fatty acid glycerides (MCT) are due to the The absorption and metabolism speed is significantly faster than ordinary vegetable oil products, so the use of this type of oil raw materials can expand the application of powdered oil products such as non-dairy creamer in the fields of health care and medical treatment.

According to cyclical, seasonal, and regional differences, the non-dairy creamer industry will have different impacts and changes. For example, the non-dairy creamer industry and downstream industries such as milk tea, coffee, baking and oatmeal are also affected by the fluctuations of the macroeconomic cycle.

However, in some segments, such as milk tea, the consumption in summer is relatively small, so the milk tea industry reflects certain seasonal characteristics; but in coffee, baking and oatmeal industries, it is less affected by seasonal factors, so Overall, the non-dairy creamer industry has weak seasonal characteristics. In addition, due to the Spring Festival holiday and other factors, the sales volume of the non-dairy creamer industry in the first quarter will be slightly lower than other quarters.

Especially in areas with relatively high population density, the consumption of food and beverages is relatively high. Therefore, the demand for non-dairy creamer is relatively higher than other areas. This is the various results produced by the main segments of non-dairy creamer under the influence of cyclical, seasonal, regional and other factors. Those who are interested in participating in the wholesale market of non-dairy creamer raw materials can leave a message on this site to get professional support from Boduo International!