Methods of making continuous ice, machinery / equipment required for continuous ice, preparation methods, skills and formula of continuous ice, and how to make continuous ice correctly.

Mianmian ice is a kind of innovative desktop ice products. Around 2005, mianmian ice gradually evolved from the original desktop ice flake. It has become a hot product that has attracted much attention in the industry. Continuous ice production has three key parts (1, ice body mixing, 2, machinery and equipment, 3, finished product seasoning decoration).
Features of continuous ice:
1. The taste is dense, melting in the mouth, and the taste is sweet;
2. Color diversity, beautiful, a wide range of choices;
3. It is a new generation of customer approved products in the industry;
4. It is suitable for summer heat relief and leisure;
Three steps of continuous ice making:
1. Ice materials and specific methods are as follows:
Container: 8L plastic ice cream barrel
Add the following into the plastic ice cream barrel in turn:
Milk powder: 100g
Condensed milk: half pot
Milk: half a box
Fresh cream: 100ml
Vanilla ice cream balls: 4
White granulated sugar: proper amount (suitable for sweet)
Honey: 3 ounces
Add a small amount of boiling water (eggbeater) to the ice cream barrel, then add some ice cubes to form a liquid of about 0 degrees. Finally, mix 8 minutes of ice water. Put the prepared liquid (ice cream barrel) into the refrigerator in the bedroom and freeze it into ice cubes. Take it in and out of the refrigerator for standby.
2. Selection of machinery and equipment (continuous ice machine / new ice planer / grinding plate ice planer)
Power of ice shaving: motor driven, manual pan (double selection, better effect of manual control);
Grinding disc blade: long, can adjust the thickness of the grinding ice through the screw on the blade, and take out the grinding knife;
Ice gear plate: there are about 20 large and long steel nails, which are used to firmly fix the ice body when working;
Under the grinding plate: continuous ice bowl, the place where ice meets;
Method: put the frozen ice body into the position of the machine plate, select the power to drive the ice body to rotate, grind out the continuous ice, and then use the specified container to connect and load.
3. Color matching, seasoning and decoration of finished products;
In fact, there are two ways of seasoning in the industry:
1. The taste is mixed in ice (especially troublesome, the number of ice bodies must be made according to the number of flavors set). This suggestion is to use the continuous ice exclusively;
2. The unified ice body is milk flavor (in this step to complete the taste adjustment, decoration, and so on, which saves too much ice making body matters), this kind of ice body is recommended to be used in ordinary places;
Methods: 1. The smooth ice ground in the utensils is pressed by mistake, and it does not need to be sweetened, and piled into a hill shape.
2. Add seasoning (juice, jam, stone fruit powder);
3. Add ornaments (pulp granules, cut fruit flowers, cream, chocolate, jelly, pudding);
The more classic types of continuous ice are as follows:
Milk mango continuous ice (mango juice, pulp);
Milk papaya continuous ice (papaya juice, pulp);
Red / mung bean continuous ice (secret red and green beans);
Fruit continuous ice (all kinds of fruit flowers and pulp);
Cream continuous ice (whipped cream with flowers, 30ml fresh cream);
Peanut and cashew nut continuous ice (peanut powder, cashew nut powder);
This series of products have been reported by many food media, newspapers and magazines. At present, there are a number of loyal fans. At the same time, we hope to taste more and more continuous ice products in coffee shops in the future.