Milk tea advanced your usual vegetable powder has been upgraded

On the one hand, it is consumers’ pursuit of health, and on the other hand, the practitioners of milk tea shops control the flavor and cost. In the new era of tea, the types, appearance and flavor of tea are constantly iterative and innovative. Behind these changes, in addition to the pursuit of hot money in the market and the exploration of differentiation, there is also a pair of invisible “hands” promoting the development of tea market. So wonderful is our tea market today.

The first demand affecting tea: economy and delicacy coexist. In the development of table milk tea, vegetable fat powder plays an important role. Compared with milk tea made from pure milk, Zhizhi powder has the flavor characteristics of removing astringency, increasing smoothness and full milk fragrance, which is also the fundamental reason why vegetable fat powder is widely used in desktop milk tea, with strong taste and economic benefits.

In the early 1990s, pearl milk tea flourished in Taiwan, which also made the fat powder, which used to be mainly accompanied by coffee, become officially associated with milk tea. In the 1990s, desktop pearl milk tea chain brands such as fast three seconds and Kuai Keli entered the mainland strongly. It is said that the number of shops only three seconds fast reached 10000 at that time. Then, the follow-up of Big Taipei, streetcar, Dakou Jiujiu, Fengtang and other brands caused a “Taiwan milk whirlwind” in the mainland.

In the memories of the older generation of tea drinkers, kievit Zhizhi powder in Holland occupied the vast majority of the market for milk tea with its unique smooth taste. It is no exaggeration to say that this product has a great push for the development of desktop milk tea in mainland China. In 2014, in order to better meet the growing supply demand of domestic customers, kievit’s parent company, feslan, invested in the plant in Shenyang, China to produce grease powder, so as to meet the local continuous supply. In addition, the company also has plant in the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia and the Philippines, with different flavors and functions to meet different customer needs.

With the rapid development of Taiwan milk industry, kievit fat powder was well known by practitioners. In the market, various kinds of vegetable fat powder products with the translation name of “kievit” emerged one after another, which made the genuine “kievit” imported from the Netherlands suffer from “the pain of cottage”. In 2016, kievit of the Netherlands officially registered the Chinese name of “Feiniao”. This year is also the year of the outbreak of new tea drinks. Although the market has experienced the baptism of milk cover tea, cheese tea and fruit tea, since 2018, many popular products such as Xiancao milk tea, roasted milk, black sugar pearl milk tea and so on have still retained the figure of desktop milk tea.

In 2019, the mainland market has also developed. In order to restore the flavor of classic desktop milk tea, the major manufacturers of vegetable fat powder will launch a new product zero trans fatty acid classic vegetable powder. In a 500ml cup of table milk tea, 40 g of classic fat powder can be used to produce a cup of classic table milk with rich milk fragrance and smooth taste. Without the essence of essence and the properties of zero trans fatty acids, milk tea will not experience the consumption of acid and throat.

For merchants, the small package design of 1kg vegetable fat powder can help milk tea shops to improve food safety and production standards, and reduce the pressure of storage and ordering. Natural flavor, rich milk flavor, zero trans fatty acid, easy storage, convenient transportation, coupled with a shelf life of up to 24 months (6 months more than similar products), these characteristics also make the cost controllable and stable, and achieve a balance between the delicious food and high cost performance that consumers need. The coexistence of economy and delicacy is an important factor for the sustainable development of desktop milk tea.

The second demand that affects tea drinking: the taste of cross-border. From around 2017, fruit tea + milk cap has become popular. In 2019, mango with coconut milk is very popular. Different properties of raw materials mixed into a new flavor, after the market test, become explosive. This combination of blending, we can be seen as another form of cross-border – taste of the cross-border. In this way, the beverage can obtain a different flavor from the past, so as to meet the consumers’ psychology of “novelty seeking” and “novelty seeking”.

There is no doubt that the combination of fruit and dairy products is delicious, but it may also make protein and fruit acid “protein denaturation”, that is, we often say “flocculent”, which makes the delicious food not beautiful. The new acid resistant grease powder can solve similar problems perfectly. This vegetarianism material can not only enrich the vegetarian menu of beverage stores, but also make the fruit milk cap and fruit milk tea more delicious. Moreover, the products produced are not easy to be layered and improve the appearance of the products. these characteristics are in line with the current consumer’s pursuit of a “five sense experience” that not only tastes delicious, but also looks, smells and even sounds delicious.

The third demand affecting tea drinking: light enjoyment. According to the feslan food ingredients survey data in 2019, healthy products are becoming the mainstream trend of lattes, cakes and desserts in the Asia Pacific region. In the Asia Pacific region, a quarter of online discussions on “conscious consumption” focus on “how products can help consumers stay healthy.”. In the tea market, many chain brands began to choose the milk slurry or milk powder with more natural flavor to produce milk tea products with fresh flavor and lower burden.

The prepared milk powder will not be as fishy as the conventional milk powder and can not modify the tea flavor, but also can satisfy the consumers who pay attention to the natural flavor. Due to the excellent thermal stability of the product, there will be no small floating protein on the surface of the drink, which will affect the appearance and consumption sense of the drink. The changing market demand also forces the milk tea shop to constantly update its products, and the innovation on the production side is the biggest help to these changes. On the one hand, it is consumers’ pursuit of health, and on the other hand, the practitioners of milk tea shops control the flavor and cost. High quality and innovative raw materials will solve these two seemingly conflicting problems and promote the development of tea market.