Milk tea = milk + tea? Industry insiders: milk tea shop uses more vegetable fat powder

The reporter visited six milk tea shops in Haikou and was told that “milk tea does not contain milk” industry insiders: in order to save costs, milk tea shops often use plant fat powder. Thus, the status of milk tea in young people’s mind.

On November 12, 40 samples of 20 milk tea shops (mainly for pearl milk tea with large sales volume and purchase specifications of large cups) were selected for comparative test. The results showed that there was not a drop of milk in four kinds of milk tea, such as Duke tea and happy sweet potato, while the sugar content of 14 kinds of sugar free milk tea such as Xiaoke tea, naixueyi tea and yihetang exceeded the recommended intake Is there any milk in the milk tea that Haikou people often drink? The reporter recently visited six milk tea shops in Haikou and found that none of the milk tea shops in Haikou had added milk.

Visit 11 o’clock (Sun Moon Plaza store)
On the morning of November 22, when the reporter came to the little milk tea shop in Riyue square, many people were lining up in front of the door. The reporter noticed that there are more people who order milk tea, and Boba milk tea and pearl milk tea are the best sellers.
Reporter to the staff asked, milk tea in the basic milk is milk? The staff shook their heads and whispered No. “So what’s the base milk in it?” The reporter asked again. Staff avoid answering, she said, can order black tea latte, which has fresh milk. The reporter noticed in the store price list that only the black tea latte was marked with “fresh milk tea” in yellow font, while other milk tea products were not specially marked.

Visit 2 mixue ice city (Haishi store)
At about 2:00 p.m. that day, the reporter came to visit the miyue ice city (haishidian), Banqiao Road, Qiongshan district. The shop staff told reporters, “there is no milk in our milk tea, which is mainly made of milk tea powder. I don’t know what its composition is. If you want to drink milk tea with milk, you can order four seasons milk green.

Visit 3 Yihe Hall (Haishi store)
At about 3:00 p.m., there were more consumers in yihetang (Haishi store), and most of them were young men and women. “Does your milk tea contain milk?” Reporter asked. The shop assistant said that the milk tea in the store does not contain milk. But when the reporter asked again what ingredients in the milk tea, the clerk refused to answer.

Visit 4 Heilong taro (Haishi store)
Later, the reporter came to Kuroda taro (Haishi store), and did not see the word “milk tea” on the price list in the store, but there was a “brand milk tea”. The reporter inquires the shop assistant to know, the brand milk tea is the milk tea. “There is no milk added to the tea. We use condensed milk.” The clerk told reporters.

Visit 5 star tea (Haishi store)
Reporter asked star food tea (Haishi shop) clerk, “does the milk tea in the shop contain milk?” The answer was “no”. The shop assistant told reporters that milk tea in the shop is made by mixing milk powder, black tea and white granulated sugar. The reporter saw in the shop, a bucket filled with milk tea, when a customer ordered milk tea, the clerk would put the milk tea in the iron bucket into a plastic cup, and then add ice.

Visit 6coco (Hongcheng Lake store)
At about 4:00 p.m., the reporter saw 14 kinds of milk tea on coco (Red City Lake store) price list. “Milk tea three brothers” is the most popular among consumers. The reporter asked, “is milk added to milk tea?” “Of course not. All the milk tea in the shop is made of milk powder.” The shop assistant told reporters that if you want to drink a drink containing milk, you can order a tea latte, which is a mixture of pure milk and tea.

Many people said that “just drink as much as you like”
After learning that milk tea is not milk, some citizens said, “although it is very good to drink, but for health, it is better to drink less.”
“I love to drink milk tea, but I dare not drink too much.” Ms. Wang believes that milk tea has a high sugar content, and the milk tea sold in the shop is never marked with ingredients. She is worried that drinking too much will be bad for her health.
Many people also said, “it’s OK to have a good drink, not every day.”
“Is milk tea for health? No, to be happy Ms. Li, who is obsessed with milk tea, told reporters that she knew that drinking too much milk tea was bad for her health, but after drinking milk tea, the pressure of the day was relieved, so she often couldn’t control the desire to drink milk tea.