Milk tea with plant fat powder is very cheap, people who do not know milk tea will say so, pure milk is difficult to make milk tea

Milk tea should be a popular drink these years, because the taste of the public and the price is close to the people has gradually become a trend. With the development of milk tea industry in recent years, milk tea has also moved from the original street snack series to the high-end, and the franchise and brand, which once seemed to have nothing to do with milk tea, are gradually connected with milk tea.

In fact, the business of the early milk tea shops was very easy to do, because there were relatively few people to do at that time, and the cost of raw materials was not high. It was not too much to say that it was a profiteering industry. Because of the advantages of small investment, quick return and high profit, many young people who want to start a business have entered the milk tea industry. As a result, milk tea shops have sprung up in every street.

As the saying goes, prosperity is bound to decline. However, with the passing of the period of making big profits and counting money every day, the milk tea shop has ushered in its own industry winter. It is not that some black heart milk tea shop uses inferior raw materials to replace the inferior ones, or the milk tea industry has made huge profits. In addition, the milk tea industry at that time was too saturated, and milk tea ushered in its own industry winter, which has not slowed down until now.

However, the milk tea industry did not collapse. Instead, franchise and brand derivatives emerged. Through the national chain operation and brand operation, consumers finally believed in the food safety of milk tea and were willing to pay for the safety of the brand. After that, with the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s pursuit of milk tea has changed from the original economy to the taste, quality and brand of today. However, most of the friends who claim to love milk tea and know milk tea are just pretending to understand. The most obvious question is whether milk tea should be pure milk or not?

For this question, many people will take it for granted that pure milk, after all, looks healthy, and the big brand of milk tea used is pure milk. And this answer is the so-called pretending to understand. There are indeed many big brands of milk tea in the market that are made of pure milk, but more milk tea is actually made with vegetable fat powder. Even if you can see with your naked eyes that what the shop assistants pour in is milk slurry, because the vegetable fat powder is well prepared and added into condensed milk, it is impossible to distinguish the difference between milk and vegetable fat powder by naked eyes.

To say that this problem is not to expose the industry, but to carry out a simple science popularization of milk tea knowledge, because the price of artificial milk slurry is actually more expensive than milk. The reason for choosing vegetable fat powder is not to save cost, but simply to taste. Moreover, the vegetable fat powder extracted from plants is green and healthy. Many dairy products have this ingredient. Its safety degree is very reliable and it is also a normal food additive.

The taste of pure milk is different from what some people think. If pure milk is used in milk tea, the taste will be fishy and has some strange taste. Therefore, in addition to some milk tea with unique production methods, pure milk is rarely used as raw material, even for large brands.