Strawberry jam, strawberry Cheese Mousse cup, mousse without cake

Strawberries are out of season now, and gradually fade out of people’s sight like a late beauty. What can be seen sporadically also has no gorgeous appearance. They are quietly left in the corner, waiting fatally for some people who are attached to them to take them home~~

I’m glad that I can bring them back when the strawberries are still in full bloom and cook them carefully to make jam. After many days, I turn out the jam left in the refrigerator, open it and taste it. Oh! The strawberries, which had passed away from the taste buds, returned to their teeth and cheeks~~~

I found 170 grams of cream cheese left when I flipped the refrigerator, and then I had to throw it away. I wanted to make a mousse cake, but I still need to make the bottom of the cake. Recently, it was very confusing every day in the hot weather. I thought that the easier it was, the better. So I put the mousse paste in a cup. I didn’t expect that the effect was good and beautiful. The strawberries used for decoration were a bunch of grass that I bought when I was walking with Tian Tian Tian Tian From the berries~~~

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Strawberry jam: 800 grams of strawberries and 300 grams of sugar. The strawberries I bought are a little sour, so I don’t need lemon juice any more

Methods: 1. Soak the strawberries in light salt water for 5 minutes, wash them, cut them into 2 ~ 3 pieces along the length, put them into the pot and marinate them for at least 2 hours

2. After pickling, the water in the strawberry will come out. At this time, the strawberry and the salted juice will be poured into the pot (can’t use iron pot) to boil and close

Low heat boil 40 minutes, jam a little thick can turn off the fire

3. Pour it into an oil-free and water-free bottle while it is hot, cover it immediately, cool it and refrigerate it. The jam will become thicker and thicker

4. If you don’t like it, you can put strawberries into the blender, beat the fruit mud, add sugar or rock sugar to boil directly

Strawberry Cheese Mousse Cup:

Ingredients: 170g cream cheese, 30g jam (if not, 30g cheese can be added), 40g fresh cream, 100g milk, 170g egg yolk

Gellidin 1.5 tablets (7.5G)

Methods: 1. Whisk the cream with the electric eggbeater, put the egg beater aside, do not need to brush, will be used later

2. Soften cream cheese with water

3. Pour strawberry jam into the softened cream cheese and mix well

4. Put the egg yolk and sugar in a large bowl and stir well

5. The milk is heated over a low heat without boiling

6. Pour the heated milk into the egg yolk sugar and mix well

7. Pour into a small pot or heat directly in a large bowl with water 6, until it becomes a thin paste

8. Melt the gelatine tablet softened with ice water and stir well

9. Take the small pot out of the hot water and pour in the cheese jam

10. Stir evenly with electric beater at medium speed (stir evenly without caking)

11. Pour in the whipped cream and stir it in an electric eggbeater at medium speed to make a smooth thick paste

12. Pour the mousse paste (thick paste) into the glass you like, and gently smooth the surface with a small spoon

13. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for more than 2 hours, or overnight

14. Take out the refrigerated mousse, sprinkle it with a thin layer of strawberry jam, and then squeeze the flowers with whipped cream

Garnish with fresh strawberries