National standard amount of vegetable fat terminal

Vegetable fat powder, also known as cream, has a very wide range of uses in the food industry.

the advantages of fat powder
In the production process of ice cream and ice cream, the use of vegetable fat powder has the following advantages: adding vegetable fat powder can reduce the amount of milk powder and reduce the production cost. For example, if the amount of milk powder is 5% and the dosage of vegetable fat powder is 3% in the original ice cream formula without fat powder. Now, can use a part of the fat powder, the amount of milk powder is set at 2%.

The price of Powdered vegetable fat is lower than that of milk powder. Vegetable fat powder has the characteristics of convenient transportation, easy preservation and good emulsifying performance. In the process of use, as long as the fat powder and milk powder are added into the batching bucket, and stirred evenly, it is very convenient to use.

Vegetable fat powder has the function of emulsifying and stabilizing, which can make the tissue of ice cream and ice cream more stable and the structure more delicate. Vegetable fat powder can reduce the freezing point of ice cream and ice cream, and give the product a good taste.

Performance characteristics
1. The fat content can be adjusted at will, ranging from 5% to 82%, and the oil varieties can also be selected according to the needs.
2. The functional properties (water solubility, emulsification, foaming) are excellent, which can meet the processing needs of different food fields.
3. The flavor is diverse, and the product can be flavored, toned, seasoned or fortified with vitamin microelements.
4. Microencapsulated products are easier to store, not easy to oxidize, good stability, and not easy to lose flavor.
5. It can replace expensive milk fat, cocoa fat or part of milk protein.