Make your own milk tea without adding a drop of water, not to mention the fat powder

Recently, the weather is not hot enough. I’m always sweating. So I can have a drink when I’m free. When it comes to drinks, I don’t know what kind of drinks you like, carbonated drinks or juice, or milk tea. To be honest, I like milk tea. I often give them to school children, which can not only increase nutrition and energy, but also refresh their mind. When it’s hot, I like to have a cup of milk tea It’s a very good drink. I used to buy milk tea, but since I knew the formula of some milk tea shops, I didn’t dare to drink milk tea outside, let alone buy it for children. Sometimes I went to the supermarket and had to choose a big brand before I bought it. So I learned to make milk tea by myself. In fact, making milk tea is also very simple, and the materials used are also simple. It’s just a matter of boiling. I’ll make a few cups of milk tea at home on public holidays. Recently bought a new milk tea machine is very convenient, put the ingredients into the machine do not need to care, cooked will prompt you, cooked milk tea can be hot or cold drink, completely can rely on their own preferences oh.

I remember that when my son was a child, he always liked to buy a cup of milk tea at the school gate. He drank it very well. Now you also like to meet his little wish after school. Besides, milk tea shops are everywhere now, but you know how many are genuine materials and some are not blended with vegetable fat powder. It is better to make it at home with genuine materials, fragrant and silky, One big drink at a time is not enough.