“Pearl milk tea” has no milk, no tea, and the blending cost is only a few cents

“Pearl milk tea without milk and tea is blended with vegetable fat powder.” Recently, some netizens have posted questions about the raw materials of pearl milk tea. Yesterday, the reporter through the investigation found that the pearl milk tea mixed with vegetable fat powder has long been an open secret in the industry. Nutrition experts suggest that for this kind of drink with artificial additives, it is better to drink less.

Field investigation:

Milk tea made from several powders

For milk tea, the public is no stranger. Milk tea shops can be seen everywhere in the major pedestrian streets. Although the brands are different, the main products sold are all kinds of milk tea. Because of its unique taste, it is popular among the general public, especially the young people.

Nanping middle school outside the front of the street, less than 100 meters there are three milk tea shops, yesterday noon, just lunch time, each shop has a lot of students queuing up to buy milk tea. The reporter saw that the small milk tea shop, with high cabinets surrounded by the production area, table full of glass bottles, plastic bowls and barrels, filled with various colors of powder. With a plastic cup in one hand, the clerk of a milk tea shop skillfully scoops out brown and white liquid from the bottle, adds black “Pearl” and powder of different colors in the glass bottle, then pours water from the thermos bottle, shakes it with a long stick, and becomes a cup of sweet potato or strawberry flavor pearl milk tea. For milk and tea, the reporter did not see.

Experts reveal secrets:

Milk tea blended with vegetable fat powder

In Nanping pedestrian street, several milk tea shops, the reporter found that the milk tea cup shell only wrote “fresh drink”, did not indicate the product ingredients. So what is milk tea made of? When the reporter asked the production personnel, the other side said that the ingredients were all uniformly distributed by the company, they did not know, but guaranteed good taste.

According to a person in the industry, milk tea is made of plant fat powder with saccharin or sweetener, fruit powder, etc., while “Pearl” is made of cassava powder. Some black tea in milk tea is blended with tea powder, or special black tea with coffee powder and cassia seed. “It has been a well-known secret in the industry that pearl milk tea is blended with vegetable fat powder. Not only is the cost of milk too high, but also the taste of milk tea made from milk is not as mellow as that made with vegetable fat powder.”

The reporter then consulted a chain milk tea company as a franchisee. The staff said that the raw material cost of 3-4 yuan / cup of milk tea was less than 1.5 yuan, and the investment could be recovered in 8 to 18 months. A milk tea shop owner said that each cup of milk tea raw material cost about 0.7 yuan, plus the cup, seal, straw, the total cost of about 1.4 yuan.

Experts suggest that:

Not easy to eat too much

The reporter found several companies selling milk tea raw materials on the Internet, which directly indicated that the main raw material was vegetable fat powder. According to the fat content, the price was also different, with an average price of 15 yuan per kilogram.

What is vegetable fat powder? According to the reporter’s online search, the scientific name of vegetable fat powder is a kind of vegetable oil extracted by chemical hydrogenation reaction, which is similar to milk powder. It is mainly used in food processing to replace milk powder or reduce milk consumption and reduce production costs. It is often used in coffee drinks, milk drinks, instant milk powder, baby drinks, ice cream and other food.

The latest research shows that hydrogenation of vegetable oil is actually the process of transforming unsaturated fatty acid of vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated state. Trans fatty acid will be produced in this process, which can increase the low-density lipoprotein in human blood, reduce the high-density lipoprotein, induce vascular sclerosis, and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident. Recently, when revising the composition of food pyramid in the United States, it has been clearly pointed out that attention should be paid to trans fatty acids, and manufacturers are required to indicate the content of trans fatty acids in products.

Wang Jian, director of the Nutrition Department of Xinqiao Hospital, said that trans fatty acids can change the normal metabolism of the body. Excessive intake of trans fatty acids will increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, thrombosis, coronary heart disease and other risks. It will also affect the absorption of essential fatty acids by adolescents in the growth and development period, so it is not easy to eat too much. He suggested that primary and secondary school students and young people should drink less.