Overview of non-dairy creamer industry

Competitive landscape of the non-dairy creamer industry

The broad market space, good development prospects and relatively high profit margins of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry have attracted a number of new companies to enter the industry, but new entrants face brand effects, production scale, customer base, marketing channels and Many barriers such as scarcity of talents make it difficult to straighten out all aspects of relationships in the short term.

Therefore, the current domestic non-dairy creamer market is still dominated by a few high-quality companies, including the company, occupying most of the market share. In the future, companies with advantages in technology research and development, product quality, sales channels and brand awareness will gain a higher market. Share.

Major companies in the industry and market share

â‘ The main domestic enterprises

From a geographical point of view, the production capacity of non-dairy creamer is mostly distributed in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi and other regions, mainly for the downstream field of non-dairy creamer, by getting closer and deeper into the food and beverage markets such as milk tea, coffee, baking, and oatmeal. It is conducive to fully understand and meet the preferences and needs of consumers; in addition, most of the non-dairy creamer production locations are located in the coastal area, which is conducive to the convenience of procurement, sales, transportation and import and export business of non-dairy creamer manufacturers.

From the perspective of scale, due to the vast upstream and downstream markets, multiple advantages such as industry research and manufacturing capabilities have gradually emerged, which has promoted the large-scale development of domestic non-dairy creamer production. The output of domestic non-dairy creamer can meet the needs of the domestic market and has become an important exporter of non-dairy creamer globally. According to the export data of non-dairy creamer released by the customs, the export scale of domestic non-dairy creamer has increased from 137,500 tons in 2016 to In 2018, 195,900 tons, a large increase.