Overview of non-dairy creamer

Powdered fat is an important raw and auxiliary material in modern food manufacturing. Its main uses as food ingredients include: chicken essence, stock powder and other thick soups; ice cream powder and other cold foods; oatmeal, milk tea, coconut powder, walnut powder, soy milk powder, etc. Solid beverages; coffee flavoring and milk substitutes.

Among them, a large category of powdered fats and oils is called non-dairy creamer, which is a powdered food ingredient made with glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, and milk powder as the main raw materials through microencapsulation, spray drying and other technical processes. Because it can improve the internal organization of food, increase aroma and taste, and can significantly enhance the mellowness, smoothness and fullness of food and beverage taste, non-dairy creamer has become a common ingredient in milk tea and coffee products, and it is often used for instant dissolution. Baked foods such as cereals, cakes and biscuits play an important role in modern food production and processing.

According to the fat content, non-dairy creamer can be divided into high-fat non-dairy creamer, medium-fat non-dairy creamer and low-fat non-dairy creamer, which are suitable for different purposes. Generally, 20%-50% fat content non-dairy creamer is commonly used when making beverages. end. In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formulas and production processes, functional non-dairy creamers such as cold-melt and acid-resistant types are gradually introduced. New types of raw materials such as medium-carbon chain fatty acid glycerides (MCT) are due to the The rate of absorption and metabolism is significantly faster than that of ordinary vegetable oil products. Therefore, the use of such oil materials can expand the application of powdered oil products such as non-dairy creamer in health care, medical treatment and other fields.