Overview of relevant standards in the non-dairy creamer industry

In the International Standard Classification, non-dairy creamer refers to beverages, edible oils and fats, and oily seeds. In the Chinese standard classification, non-dairy creamer refers to beverage products, oil processing and products. Therefore, the relevant standards of the non-dairy creamer industry have undergone corresponding changes with the passage of time and the maturity of technology, providing corresponding reference standards for the majority of practitioners, and standardizing the development of the industry.

“Non-dairy creamer” industry standard (QB/T 4791-2015): The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China issued a standard for non-dairy creamer, which belongs to the industry standard-light industry. The standard stipulates the terms, definitions, raw materials, sensory, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage of non-dairy creamer, especially the proportion of fat and surface fat content in fat, peroxide value, The regulations on moisture and coke particles help to improve the production management level of the enterprise and the overall product quality of the industry. The standard clearly defines both non-dairy creamer and non-dairy cream. This standard is applicable to non-dairy creamers that can whiten beverages and improve taste.

Non-dairy cream (SB/T 10419-2007): The standard for non-dairy cream proposed and issued by the Ministry of Commerce is also a standard for non-dairy cream, which belongs to the industry standard-commercial scope. This standard specifies the definition and terminology, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, labeling and storage and transportation requirements of non-dairy cream. This standard applies to the products defined in 3.1. It has now been replaced and obsoleted.

Non-dairy cream (SB/T 10419-2017): The standard for non-dairy cream published by the Ministry of Commerce is also a standard for non-dairy creamer. It was proposed by the China Federation of Commerce and replaced SB/T 10419 on 2017-10-1 -2007 Non-dairy cream. This standard specifies the terms and definitions of non-dairy cream, product classification, raw materials, technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules and labeling, marking, packaging, transportation, storage and product management requirements. This standard applies to the production, inspection and sales of non-dairy cream.