What is the fat powder in milk tea and coffee? So many people hacked it!

First of all, since it has been hacked, it means that it may not be a good thing, or that it is not a good thing for some people.

For food and beverage manufacturers, this vegetable fat powder is a kind of food additive which can improve taste, reduce production cost and is easy to produce.

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product with refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials. The product plays a special role in food production and processing, and is also a kind of modern food. Refined vegetable oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil are abundant in bread and pastry products. They are easy to produce trans fatty acids and are difficult to metabolize. Casein is a kind of protein which is difficult to absorb and has a small content in milk.

According to the document released by the national food safety risk assessment center on the intake level of trans fatty acids and the risk assessment results of Chinese residents, “the percentage of energy provided by trans fatty acids consumed by Chinese people in total dietary energy is only 0.16%, and that of residents in big cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou is only 0.34%, which is far lower than the 1% limit recommended by who and significantly lower than that in the West Intake of residents in developed countries. Therefore, it can be considered that at present, trans fatty acids have not posed a threat to the health of the vast majority of Chinese people.

However, the survey also found that about 0.4% of urban residents’ intake exceeded the WHO recommended value. And these people, obviously, are people who use drinks as their main source of drinking water. According to the calculation, the residents in Beijing and Guangzhou take 1.25 g more per day on the basis of the existing daily average, and then reach the safety red line.

How much instant coffee does 1.25 g reverse fat need? China’s “general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food” stipulates that if the content of trans fatty acids in 100 grams of food is less than 0.3 grams, it can be marked as “0”. So don’t say that those marked zero are commercial fraud.

Suppose that the exact reverse fat content of this instant coffee is 0.3 g per 100 g. if it is enough, then 1.25 g anti fat needs more than 400 g instant coffee. Therefore, most Chinese people do not have to worry about excessive intake of trans fatty acids because they drink instant coffee containing plant fat powder.