Popular science knowledge of non-dairy creamer

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is the most important raw material of vegetable fat powder. The content of trans fatty acid is not only related to the hydrogenation technology, but also to the raw material itself. At present, palm kernel and coconut oil are the two main oils used to make vegetable fat powder.

Palm kernel oil (palm kernel oil), also known as palm kernel oil, comes from the kernel of palm fruit. Palm kernel oil and coconut oil contain a large number of low-grade fatty acids. Its high oxidation stability and no cholesterol and trans fatty acids are favored by consumers.

It is worth noting that another kind of palm oil is extracted from the palm fruit of the oil palm tree. The oil squeezed from the pulp is called palm oil, while the oil squeezed from the kernel is called palm kernel oil. The composition of the two oils is quite different.

Coconut oil is produced from coconut meat (dried), and its common form is white or light yellow fat. The saturated content of its fatty acid composition is more than 90%. Generally speaking, the reasons for the formation of trans fatty acids mainly include two factors: one is produced in the hydrogenation process, and the other is carried by the oil itself. However, the content of unsaturated fatty acids in coconut oil is very small, which also makes it difficult to produce trans fatty acids after hydrogenation.

The nutritional community is convinced that trans fatty acids are more dangerous than saturated fatty acids, because saturated fatty acids only increase blood lipids, but do not reduce the beneficial high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Some recent studies have shown that trans fatty acids may increase the incidence rate of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect children’s growth and development and nervous system health.

Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the nutrition list on the label if the above ingredients are included in the ingredient list when purchasing relevant foods and drinks. They can choose foods without trans fatty acids or with low content of trans fatty acids. Consumers need not worry too much as long as their daily intake of trans fatty acids does not exceed the standard and eat a normal and healthy diet.