Product properties of non-dairy creamer

The performance of good vegetable fat powder to consumers is very good. Good vegetable oil and imported milk raw materials are used for good vegetable fat powder products, which completely maintain the natural original flavor, natural flavor and rich taste. It can improve the milk flavor and taste of the product, and is suitable for milk tea, bread and other products. The product weight is humanized and more suitable for beverage shops.

Product advantages
Improve the color of tea soup to make it have the bright color of silk
Inhibit the bitter taste of tea and cover up the bad smell
It provides pure natural aroma milk without artificial flavors.
The product after granulation has better impact property
Higher protein content provides better cost performance

Product appearance
1. the powder showed a homogeneous milky white or milky yellow, without artificial flavors and pigments.
The 2. emulsion has no floating lamination and has natural milk flavor.
3. The taste is mellow and smooth, and the aftertaste is long.

Application effect
1. It has silk like luster without floating and stratification;
2. The fragrance of tea is set off by the fragrance of milk;
3. The taste is mellow and smooth, and the aftertaste of tea is sweet.