Relevance of non-dairy creamer industry

At present, the development status and future development trends of non-dairy creamer in the global and Chinese markets are becoming more and more clear. This article will analyze the specific upstream and downstream markets of non-dairy creamer from the perspective of production and consumption. Circumstances, and the relevance of related industries, so that investors in the industry can obtain expected benefits from it.

First of all, we found that the upstream industry of non-dairy creamer, that is, the upstream suppliers that provide raw materials for non-dairy creamer manufacturers, will be affected by market stock and demand, resulting in changes in the price and quality of non-dairy creamer. Mainly include: low fat, high fat, degreasing

Of course, for the main application areas of non-dairy creamer, that is, the downstream industry of non-dairy creamer, the major customers (buyers) in different fields and the scale, market share and growth rate of different fields.

For example, non-dairy creamer is an important raw material for modern food manufacturing. Its main uses as food ingredients include coffee, milk tea, bread, beverages, candy, etc., and it plays an important role in modern food production and processing.

According to the fat content, non-dairy creamer can be divided into high-fat non-dairy creamer, medium-fat non-dairy creamer, low-fat non-fat non-dairy creamer, etc. They are suitable for different purposes. Generally, 20%-50% is generally used when making beverages. The fat content of non-dairy creamer.

In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formulas and production processes, functional non-dairy creamers such as cold-melt and acid-resistant types are gradually introduced. New types of raw materials such as medium-carbon chain fatty acid glycerides (MCT) are due to the The absorption and metabolism speed is significantly faster than ordinary non-dairy creamer products, so it is suitable for the application of non-dairy creamer products such as this kind of oil and fat raw materials in health care, medicine and other fields.

All in all, the price and quality of products in the non-dairy creamer industry are affected by the upstream industry, and the composition and production process of products in the non-dairy creamer industry affect the specific applications in the downstream industry. For practitioners in the non-dairy creamer industry, the relevance of the non-dairy creamer industry is roughly like this. I hope it will help everyone in the catering business!