Relevant development plan of non-dairy creamer industry

Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the world economic structure, the adjustment and reconstruction of the global supply chain, and the deep evolution of the international industrial division of labor, it has a greater impact on the construction of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry chain. At present, China’s non-dairy creamer industry is still in a stage of rapid development, and relevant development plans for the non-dairy creamer industry have attracted the attention of domestic manufacturers.

At present, many manufacturers in the global market of non-dairy creamer have problems. Manufacturers and individual retailers in the non-dairy creamer industry urgently need healthy, safe and environmentally friendly high-quality non-dairy creamer products. Chinese non-dairy creamer manufacturers have understood the huge demand in the international market and have made every effort to improve the service links of networks, communications, logistics, etc., actively carry out international trade cooperation, realize their own product personalization and branding, and quickly enter the international market.

Relevant development plans for the non-dairy creamer industry require that by 2025, the non-dairy creamer industry system will be sound and complete, the quality and efficiency of the non-dairy creamer industry will be significantly improved, the structure of the non-dairy creamer industry will be more optimized, the level of industrial technology innovation will be significantly improved, and product sales channels will continue to expand , The endogenous driving force for the development of the non-dairy creamer industry continued to increase.

Technological innovation is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the non-dairy creamer industry. The relevant development plan of the non-dairy creamer industry requires that non-dairy creamer companies actively promote technological innovation, processing technology innovation, improve equipment levels, and promote the upgrade of the non-dairy creamer industry. Promote the research and development of a batch of new practical technologies such as green storage, dynamic preservation, rapid pre-cooling, and energy-saving drying that integrate automatic measurement, precise control, and intelligent operation, as well as advanced processing technologies that achieve quality control, nutritional balance, and clean production.

Promote the creation of processing equipment. Carry out research and development of informatization, intelligentization, and engineering processing equipment to improve the level of localization of key equipment. Use new technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, biosynthesis, and 3D printing to integrate and assemble a batch of processing techniques and supporting equipment with high technological content and wide applicability to improve the processing level of non-dairy creamer products.

In summary, the non-dairy creamer industry urgently needs to build a full industrial chain, focusing on expanding the secondary and tertiary industries, extending the industrial chain, developing distinctive and diversified products, enhancing the added value of products in the non-dairy creamer industry with Chinese characteristics, and promoting planting The fat cream industry increased revenue through multiple channels. In other words, under the development trend of economic globalization, the uncertainty of the development of the non-dairy creamer industry has increased. The development of the non-dairy creamer industry is inseparable from important factors such as capital, technology, and talent. Therefore, as long as relevant companies comply with the relevant development plans of the non-dairy creamer industry, continuous innovation can conquer the international market and usher in a bright future for development!