“Never seen a business with so fast money”

Investment in milk tea has recently become the main source of funds for members of Japanese gangs. According to dongfang.com.zongxiang news, in Japan, the only country in the world that recognizes the Mafia as a legal organization, the most well-known Mafia organization is Yamaguchi group.
In 2015, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, according to Fortune magazine, Yamaguchi group is one of the largest and most profitable Mafia organizations in the world, with an annual profit of about $6.6 billion.
In 2019, pearl milk tea will set off a frenzy in Japan, and milk tea shops in the streets and lanes have sprung up like bamboo shoots. According to Japanese media reports, after experiencing the popularity of the beverage on the streets, gangs have become interested in pearl milk tea and have invested in opening stores. And of course, the “gang leader” Shankou group is indispensable.
“I’ve never seen a business with so much money,” said a gang member Taking advantage of the rising popularity of pearl milk tea, most members will invest in it as the main source of funds in the near future.
Behind the huge profits of pearl milk tea, the cost and ingredients are amazing! He said that many milk tea and fresh milk on the market do not match at all. The three “magic weapons” of pearl milk tea are milk essence, “Pearl” and sodium cyclamate! And milk essence (fat powder) is the soul of pearl milk tea. Ten cups of fresh milk is not as delicious as a spoonful of milk essence.

In addition to the so-called milk tea itself can make huge profits, wholesalers say the most profitable are the so-called “Pearl” and coconut. Basically, one cup can raise the price by three or four yuan, and the profit point will be improved. This is the secret of the operation of milk tea shop, milk essence (fat powder), “Pearl” and sodium cyclamate are indispensable!