What is the fat powder in milk tea?

When most of the milk tea shops didn’t mention the vegetable fat powder and milk essence, and even put up the slogan “0 milk powder” or “definitely not using vegetable fat powder”, some netizens found that the tea brand 1 point in the product description of the takeaway website clearly wrote “auxiliary material: vegetable fat powder”.

Industry problems

How to answer the customer’s question about “vegetable fat powder”?

In meituan takeaway app, there is a column of “shopkeeper description”. The milk tea is described in a little shop as follows: Assam black tea with special vegetable powder Main raw materials: black tea; auxiliary materials: vegetable powder.

A colleague said that when he was just making milk tea, he was often asked by consumers what the white powder was. He was suddenly asked by his boss and the answer was “milk powder”.

In the industry, there have been many people “customers asked what is the end of the fat, how to answer” special discussion. Milk powder is one of the answers.

Some people said that he saw that when a little shop assistant was making products, he would add the grease powder to the Sherk cup face-to-face. When customers asked questions, they directly answered that it was vegetable fat powder. It’s the same “hard core” as in the take away website.

Vegetable powder for milk tea

It is to respect consumers’ right to know

Many years ago, we have written an article “it is necessary for people who make milk tea to have a comprehensive understanding of milk essence”. This article has a detailed introduction to the past and present life of milk essence. Interested readers can click the link to view it. We will not elaborate here.

What we are going to discuss next is why many milk tea shops can’t give up “vegetable fat powder”?

For those who are not vegetable fat powder or milk tea shop, there are several factors that make them persistent.

1. Storage is convenient, do not worry too much about the cause of temperature deterioration.

2. Smooth, fragrant taste is different from other dairy products.

3. Consumers name milk tea to be made with vegetable fat powder.

4. Similar taste, compared with other dairy products, vegetable fat powder has a certain advantage in cost performance.

However, in recent years, the taste preference of milk tea consumers has begun to change, and the concept of light milk tea has gradually become popular. The practice of planting fat powder or milk tea is also imperceptibly advancing with the times.

1. The content of milk powder was increased in vegetable fat powder to enhance the natural degree of milk tea.

2. Vegetable fat powder is used with various raw materials, such as light milk, condensed milk and light cream.

3. Change the tea, through the sense of tea, tea fragrance to achieve the plant fat powder milk tea refreshing.

Face up to the end of vegetable fat, not to talk about the color change, should also be a symbol of the industry to mature, the performance of brand confidence.