some things you need to know about non-dairy coffee creamer

Coffee lovers have many ways to make coffee. Some like pure black coffee, while others like to mix sugar, cream or milk into the coffee. A lot of the ingredients are specifically labeled, so there’s no secret. But what is non milk fat? When tilting powder or liquid non dairy containers, the following facts should be considered:It’s not always true to call it “non dairy”.

Vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk often believe that non dairy products are safe. Although many non dairy products do not contain lactose – the sugar in many milk that is difficult to digest – these products may still contain casein.Casein is a kind of milk protein, which can cause the reaction of people with milk allergy. It is added to non dairy cream to provide a creamy white taste and texture.

Therefore, all dairy labels must indicate the composition of casein. Therefore, although the label may indicate “non Dairy” or “lactose free”, it does not mean that there are no dairy ingredients. Vegetarians can choose milk essence based on soybean milk, but soy milk is still a problem for people with milk allergy.
Common non dairy products, such as creams, are made from hydrogenated vegetable oils. Vegetable oil, usually coconut oil or palm kernel oil, used to make vegetable oil. These vegetable oils all have a creamy appearance, feel and taste. Pure coffee itself contains almost no calories, but the addition of coffee specific creamer (coffee partner) will increase the calorie content and improve the taste of coffee.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary non dairy coffee cream contains less calories, fat and sugar than flavoring. Therefore, choosing the right coffee partner and controlling the corresponding intake have no great impact on health.

Non dairy products have other advantages. The common form of non dairy products is fat powder. They can last longer than milk or cream as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place and sealed. As a common raw material of milk tea, Zhizhi powder is warmly sought after by the wholesalers of milk tea raw materials, and is exported to home and abroad.

In short, a good coffee partner will bring good coffee experience to consumers. Choosing the right coffee partner and experiencing a better life is the future that milk tea raw material wholesalers have been pursuing. Boduo international has been providing you with professional and thoughtful wholesale services for milk tea raw materials. If you still want to know something about non dairy coffee cream you need to know, welcome to leave a message on this website for consultation!