Special for powdered milk tea

Product Description:
Greasy powder is a whitish cream greasy powder made of emulsified sugar and vegetable oil and emulsified and spray dried. Product features: improve the color of tea soup, make it have bright silk color; inhibit bitter taste of tea soup, cover bad smell; provide pure natural flavor milk, do not add artificial flavors; after granulation products better punching; higher protein content, provide better cost performance.

Product packaging:
Food grade plastic bags for internal use and composite plastic paper bags for external use. Each bag has a net weight of 25kg. Product storage suggestions: should be placed in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse. Product shelf life: the shelf life of the product is 24 months in the unopened, cool, dry, far away from odor and dark environment.

According to the actual composition, the vegetable fat powder on the market can be divided into milk containing and non milk planting powder, and according to the content of trans fatty acid, it can also be divided into ordinary and zero trans fatty acid. With the improvement of production technology, zero trans fatty acid vegetable powder began to enter the market, showing its own superior strength. It is a very good process improvement and brings more safety to consumers.