Specifications and uses of non-dairy creamer

Powdered fat is also called creamer powder and non-dairy creamer, and its main ingredients include milk protein, lactose, vegetable oil and maltodextrin. Non-dairy creamer is a high-tech product produced with high-quality vegetable oil, corn syrup, high-end emulsifier, etc. as raw materials, which integrates modern high-tech technology, adopts advanced equipment and technology. Therefore, the specifications and uses of non-dairy creamer have received widespread attention.

Uses of non-dairy creamer

Non-dairy creamer has good dissolving, emulsifying and dispersing properties, and has no repelling effect with other raw materials. It is widely used in the food industry. Because it is not easily destroyed by oxidation, it prolongs the product shelf life.

Non-dairy creamer can completely or partially replace whole milk powder in dairy, pasta and ice products. It can also add grease powder to many types of foods, which can reduce production costs, improve product quality, improve product texture characteristics, and strengthen gluten strength and toughness. Various types of powdered grease produced according to user special requirements can also give products different Flavor and various milky and fruity aromas.

Since the price of non-dairy creamer is only about 55% of the price of milk powder, the price is relatively stable; and can have the same effect as milk powder, so after use, it will greatly reduce production costs and increase economic benefits. Many milk tea shop operators like to use non-dairy creamer instead of fresh milk or evaporated milk to expand their profit margins.

Specification of non-dairy creamer

There are many factors that affect the quality of non-dairy creamer, and the raw material for making non-dairy creamer is the key. However, the specific components of the finished non-dairy creamer are also of great concern. The specific specifications are related to specifications, appearance, luster, taste, state, and physical-chemical index.

The specification of non-dairy creamer is divided according to the difference of manufacturers, there will be different specification names. Under normal circumstances, the specific specification name of non-dairy creamer contains letters and numbers. Letters indicate varieties and may also include quality differences. Numbers indicate fat content. The meaning of the letters and numbers of each manufacturer may be different, so the non-dairy creamer products produced will also have different specifications.

All in all, the specifications and uses of non-dairy creamer are related. Wholesalers who want to purchase raw materials for non-dairy creamer can choose appropriate product specifications according to market needs and specific uses. As a professional milk tea raw material manufacturer, Boduo International also supplies a variety of non-dairy creamer raw materials. You can seek cooperation from Boduo International. Boduo International welcomes your consultation!